Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

dj evil dee–1995 instr 2 3
 powerhouse –1995 the deadline 
 wikkedness–1997 the huntest demo track 
unknown artist–199? freestyle
first down–1996 to whom it may concern 
unknown artist–199? freestyle


alkaholiks–1997 coast to coast interlude beat 
louie phat kat vega–1995 scientific
 d.j. double j–1990 nasty jam
louie phat kat vega–1995 phase 
headshock–1994 be bop ta hip hop 
 sam sever and the r.a.t.l.a.–1993 back in the day 
no i.d.–199? nobody 
 louie phat kat vega–1995 lethal injection


compil by redo and old stan, part 5 dig tracks 90S , rare is archive . dope rap stuff . back once again FATjoint!

bombshell–1992 it's my thing diva remix 
rhyme cut core ‎–1993 raw break 
general levy–1992 wig (bootleg mix) 
 unknown shit? –1994/95? homie the clown
 lost souls–1997 coming of the rugged 
d.l.–1997 ode to drunken 
 3 shades of rhythm–199x funky demonstration 
 187um–1994 maddskills

Monday, April 17, 2017


Monday, April 17, 2017

manuel–1997 clientele
 sinsemillia–1994 if they only knew 
 manuel–1997 luv luv (remix) 
jigga jahallah–1997 the autobiography 
 rec center–1997-99? something else

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Thursday, January 26, 2017

 nature born, gustapo & b. rockwell–1998 when ya wanted 2:35
 itch 13–199? sun in the light 5:18 
b2b big shots–2000 power playz 4:39
 erl da ill veteran–1997 mission impossible 4:29 
soul dwellas–1997 whateva


nefarius–2000 perpetrators 2:45
 dl– 2000 two letters 3:25
 blood fang–2001 you & you & you 3:05 
bru–2003 testament 2:47 
willie james gang– 1999 may-day 3:05
 the reps–2000 deep... 0:04 
wanted&respected–2003 winning team


shawnie ranks–1993 wickeder dan dem 3:15
 silky black–1994 step up & get some demo track 4:15 
the chill factor–1996 ready to roll 3:43
 the brethren–1994 five fingers of unity 4:19
 lord dakim & the mellow one–1993 phuck commercial mc's
no concept–1994 here comes the rhyme 1:13 4:55 
knight society–1993 serious hits (remix) 3:54
 grand d&i.c.b – 1992 gone wit tha wind 2:49
 c.e.b.–1993 back in the days

rare random rap 90s unreleased demo tracks © 2014